Who we are

We help our clients think and act differently.

Thinking and acting differently increases the capacity to make choices, and take strategic actions.

Those actions help achieve individual, team and organizational goals.

Clients tell us they feel confident, liberated, and empowered when they use our services, knowledge, and expertise.

Using a unique group of processes, we lead clients to define their authentic leadership—by aligning who they are, with what they value, and how they take action in the world.

Marilyn Neufeld        

Marilyn Neufeld

Marilyn Neufeld is an experienced leadership coach, business strategist and people and process facilitator. She has a BScN from the University of Ottawa, a MHSc from McMaster University (with a clinical specialty in behavioural change) and over 35 years of comprehensive health care and business experience as a national change agent, clinical specialist, small and large group facilitator, leader and leadership coach. She continues to be an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster University teaching in the leadership and management program. Marilyn is certified in: Enneagram Personality Typing (Riso Hudson), Certified Co-active Coach (Coaches Training Institute), Certified in Genuine Contact including Open Space Technology and cross cultural conflict resolution. She has written handbooks on Thriving on Change, Managers as Facilitators, and is currently writing a handbook for managers/leaders on employee and team coaching.

Marilyn regularly facilitates boards of directors, teams and diverse groups to develop and align business plans, determine strategies and move decisions and actions forward together to achieve the desired results. Her leadership coaching and facilitation practice includes senior leaders from business, healthcare, and academia.

Gordon Neufeld             

Gordon Neufeld

Gordon’s advice, coaching, wisdom, experience and skill have been developed over 25 years of providing service to his clients. Gordon’s purpose is to help people think differently in order for them to achieve clarity, improve productivity and increase engagement. Gordon is certified in using the KOLBE Index coaching process. The KOLBE Assessment Index determines an individual’s natural or instinctive way of taking action. Having the right instincts for the position ensures that people achieve their best performance by performing instinctively.

He is a visionary leader, strategic communicator, business coach and inventor with a diverse background including a degree in economics and theatre, 15 years in arts management and 12 years as founder and president of a national award-winning public relations and communications consulting firm. Gordon was a member of the elite Strategic Coach Program for nine years and a co-facilitator of the program for three years.